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School Program Topics


Each season, a new set of topics will be presented in your area.  




As real Mad Scientists, students will learn to manipulate laboratory equipment, slide down the colourful pH scale and create a tiny world of atoms. Your child will be wowed by polymers, probe the properties of light, explore unusual applications of glow-in-the-dark technology, and take home things that they have made themselves!

TOPICS:  Chemystery, Jr. Reactors, pH Phactor, Slime Time, Glow Show, Chem in a Flash.



Put your senses to the test, as you explore how we perceive the world around us. What’s that sound? Learn all about how sound is made and how it travels. This noisy class is sure to resonate well with your children. Children will look at how our eyes perceive light and discover the hidden components of light, making rainbows and taking home a pair of rainbow glasses, guaranteed to wow! You will not believe your eyes as you examine optical illusions and discover how our eyes can play tricks on us. Warm up to science as you find out all about the properties of heat. Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh my! Learn about what makes animals unique and how they have adapted to live in their environment. Have you ever wanted to look like a Mad Scientist? Discover all about electricity using a Van de Graaff generator. A truly hair-raising experience!

TOPICS: Sonic Sounds, Lights Colour Action, Optical Illusions, Harnessing Heat, All About Animals, Watts-Up.



Come and investigate what science has to offer. Students get engrossed in entomology! They find out that insects are arthropods and inspect authentic insect specimens. They will dig-in to Earth science! Earth’s layers are introduced with a spotlight on its outer rocky crust. Children conduct hands-on experiments to understand how and why weather occurs. They learn how air affects weather and will perform experiments to prove that air has mass and takes up space. Children are introduced to the science techniques used to investigate and analyze crime scene evidence. Children will also get clued in on the chemical reactions that occur when they prepare, analyze, and digest their food. Children test, play, and ponder over what makes toys work. They spin into action with kinetic top toys and see how stored energy is released.

TOPICS: Bugs, Detective Science, Earthworks, Kitchen Chemistry, Science of Toys, Walloping Weather.


Observation Exploration:

Give your powers of observation a workout as you explore what science has to offer.  Students will learn all about magnetic attraction, guaranteed to be a positive experience. They’ll also explore simple machines and how we use them to simplify our lives. Shoot for the sky with the Wright Brothers as we explore airplanes and the forces that affect flight.  We’ll go behind the scenes and join the Foley artists as we reveal the hidden steps that go into making a movie. Students will join Forensic Scientists as they spend time in the crime lab.  Guaranteed to stick with you, students will learn all about adhesives and make some silly putty.

TOPICS: Crime Lab, Mad Machines, Magnet, Movie Effects, Stunt Planes, Super Sticky Stuff.


Step aside 007, there’s a new spy in town. Learn how spies and detectives discover and analyze evidence and what clues to look out for. Learn all about blood types and DNA two of spies’ best tools. Investigate a crime and step into Sherlock’s shoes to use deductive reasoning to figure out who done it. Children will experiment with some tools of the trade and check out some sneaky devices spies use. Just in case other spies come snooping, children will learn all about secret codes and how to pass information without the enemy catching on.

TOPICS: Agent Undercover, Discover Detection, Funky Forensics, Jr. Detectives, Sleuths on the Scene, Spy Academy.



 Dive into science and explore the world around us. Students will join Eggbert on his journey down to the deep and discover the strange illuminating creatures that inhabit the deepest depths of the oceans. Resurfacing, children will investigate the forces that affect us on land. Gravity, balance, pressure and other forces will be explored as children learn about Sir Isaac Newton and Daniel Bernoulli and explore how structures are made to withstand these forces. Students will discover their potential as they examine types of energy and how potential and kinetic energy move us and the objects around us. While a Magician will never reveal their secrets a Mad Scientist will. Learn about how every Magician is a scientist at heart.

TOPICS: Life in the Sea, Energy Burst, “Fun”damental Forces, Science of Magic, Under Pressure, Super Structures.




In this new and exciting program, children will build a different LEGO® project each week, developed by LEGO® Certified Professional. They will explore mechanical engineering as they build boats and vehicles. The thrill of aerospace engineering will come alive as they assemble a space station. And that’s not all – from carnival rides to drawing machines, mechanical animals to truss bridges, your future engineer will build upon their creativity through fun and hands-on design challenges. Let the tinkering begin!

TOPICS: Boats, Carnivals, Creatures, Machines, Towers, Vehicles



These fun, hands-on, science programs spark imaginative learning! Children engage in exciting hands-on activities, watch spectacular demonstrations, participate in inquiry-based discussions and take home things that they have made themselves!



Discover the wonderful world of Science with Discovery Lab. Students will be blown away as they learn all about the amazing power of air. They will travel through the stars as we learn all about the final frontier, then way back in history to when Dinosaurs of all shapes and sizes roamed the Earth. Focusing back on present day, we’ll investigate and learn about the amazingly intricate structure that is the human body. 


TOPICS: Adventures in Air, Digging for Dinos, Eye to Eye, Human Body, Magnetic Attraction, Space Frontiers.



Mix some science into your day as children investigate chemistry, pH, and the wonderful properties of water.  Children will stop and explore what’s that sound as they learn about acoustics and hearing.  Let science light up your day as we look at light, optics and children will channel their inner Peter Pan as they catch their own shadow.  Next the topic turn, turn, turns to the changing of seasons. Children will learn about what causes the four distinct periods of weather. Lastly children will dig learning all about our wiggly worm friends.


TOPICS:  Changing Seasons, Lights On, Listen Closely, Mad Mixtures, Water Works, World of Worms.


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