Birthday Parties

Celebrate your child's special day with a Mad Science birthday party! We handle everything you need to make your child's next party a huge success. Our diverse packages, optional add-ons and ready-to-go Goody Bags, loaded with multiple science-themed toys, are sure to be the talk of the playground!

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All About Our Birthday Parties!

The Birthday Party Experience

Mad Science parties entertain children and parents alike! See what it's all about!

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Home Parties

No mess, no stress! Our Mad Scientists take care of set-up and clean-up so that you can enjoy the demonstrations along with your child. Be amazed by spectacular chemical reactions, rocket launches, ooey, gooey slime and much, much more!

Venue Alternatives

Don’t want to host the party at your house? There are plenty of local venues that are Mad Science party-friendly. Check your local community centre, grocery store, or even a library!

Our Party Packages


Our Party Upgrades

Cotton candy

Cotton Candy Making
Sweet States of Matter... So Delicious! The excitement builds as we make Cotton Candy for each of your party guests!

Bubbling Potion in a flask

Dry Ice
Bubbling Potions...So Coooool! Learn about the cool properties of Dry Ice with our interactive presentation. Fun for kids and adults alike!

Hand coming out of top hat holding a magic wand.

Radical Reactions
So Mysterious! Alchemists and magicians have explored the secrets of chemistry. Observe a series of trick chemical experiments that are sure to astound!

Rocket Launch

Rocket Launch
What a Blast! Watch in amazement as we launch a model rocket 200-300 feet in the air! If the rocket is recovered, the birthday child may keep it as a souvenir! Available Apr. 1 -Oct. 31

Goody Bag

Loot Bags with Science-Themed Toys
An incredible value at just $4.95! Each high quality bag is filled with six fun, science activities which will keep kids entertained for hours!

white instructor Lab Coat

Kids' Mad Science Lab Coat
Fuel your child's passion for science with their very own lab coat for just $10.00 or amaze your party guests with a lab coat for each of them. Just $8.00 each for ten or more!

Purple T-Shirt with atom on it

Mad Science T-Shirt
A cool way to let your friends know that you LOVE Mad Science! A great deal at just $12.00 each. Just $8.00 each for ten or more. One included in the Megawatt, Gigawatt, and Terawatt party packages

Rocket propelled car with fire

A little something extra for the birthday child! Choose from a Roto-Rocket, Periscope or Drag Racer! $5.00 each (Your choice of gift included with the Terawatt Party)

2 Envelopes one blue one purple

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Three themes to choose from.

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When do I pay?

You can pay EFT the Friday before your party, or cash directly to the Mad Scientist on the day of the party.


Do I need to provide anything?

We need a folding table or card table so the Mad Scientist can setup the equipment. We will also need access to water for set-up and clean-up and access to electricity. Please let us know if your party location does not have either of these.


How far in advance do I need to book my party?

Our party schedule fills up quickly. We suggest you book well in advance to get the date and time you want. Generally, at least 3 weeks in advance is recommended.


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