Our Fun Station Themes


Balancing Birds

Sooo Gravity Defying! Achieve balance in your day with this gravity related centre. Make a bird that can perch on almost any surface.


Cotton Candy

Sooo Sweet! Your mouth will water as we use heat and centrifugal force to transform a few sugar crystals into a delicious batch of cotton candy. Who knew this fluffy treat could teach you about science! ($75 surcharge per hour)


Dry Ice

Sooo Cool! Come on by the Dry Ice Table and see how we make our most famous scientific potions, like Eggbert's Bathtub and the Big Burp. It’s all about sublimation! Make your own fake snow to take home!


Hanger Bangers

Sooo Wavy! Experience the way sound waves travel through molecules with this remarkably loud but quiet activity. There is a surprise with every bang.



Sooo Pitch Perfect! Science is all around us, even in music! Make your own musical instrument, that will have you playing the Blues all day long.


Instant Snow

Sooo Absorbent! During this activity you will witness Polyacrylate grow before your eyes! Bring home a bit of winter you can enjoy year round.


Newton's Peepholes

Sooo Bright! Somewhere over the rainbow, I see refraction! Check out all the cool colours that light tries to keep hidden.


Parachute People

Sooo Extreme! Fall in love with science as you learn about gravity and why objects fall like they do.


Paw Prints

Sooo Cute! Ever wanted to know how it is to walk like an animal? Now you will with your very own paw print. Choose between 3 different animals that are commonly found in our natural habitat.


Pet Tornadoes

Sooo Swirly! Harness the incredible weather phenomenon of a vortex in a bottle! Summon the storm with a flick of your wrist and see the vortex in action!


Rainbow Mixers

Sooo Colourful! Mash, mush, and mix as we combine the three primary colours. Use slush powder to create a dazzling rainbow that you can hang in your window. See all the beautiful colours without the rain!


Rattlesnake Eggs

Sooo Scary! Give your friends a scare as you show them your “Rattlesnake Eggs” while learning about potential and kinetic energy.


Silly Putty

Sooo Nutty! Can you bend it? Can you break it and bond it back together? Does it bounce? You've got a polymer in your hands! Have fun mixing chemicals to create this crazy item!



Sooo Slippery! Playing with Polymers is what Mad Science is all about! Learn the science behind polymers as you concoct your very own batch of awesome, slippery slime to take home!


Snow Tubes

Sooo Sparkly! What happens when you make a snow globe in a Mad Science test tube? You create a snow tube! Learn the science of mixtures with this awesome activity. One shake starts the blizzard!


Sparkle Tubes

Sooo Floaty! Using the power of osmosis and polymers, this activity will seem like magic! Things that should sink will float right before your eyes.


Super Balls

Sooo Bouncy! Catch that bouncing polymer! Fill a mold with tiny polymer crystals, give it a bath, a rest and a massage and then take it out to play! But don't let it get away...polymers are known to bounce.


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